2D / 3D Game Art

This section represents my work experience in the computer games industry and my content creation business for online virtual worlds. I have worked on a total of nine shipped PC game titles.

blood and ruby iconBlood and Ruby (2011)
Hidden Object Adventure Game

Company: HitPoint Studios, Inc.
Role:  Contract 2D Artist

  • Painted elaborate in-game background scenes and objects for “Blood And Ruby” hidden object adventure game, published by Big Fish Games.
  • Created concept art for scene compositions and color character concept art for the game.
  • Click here for a link to the game on Big Fish Games: Blood And Ruby

chaospire_logoChaospire: Fantasy Fashion (2004 – present)
Clothing Brand for the Second Life virtual world.

Roles:  Sole Developer – 2D / 3D Artist – Business Manager

  • Concept designs of avatar fashions, accessories, costumes.
  • Texture work for clothing designs (applied to base Second Life mesh)
  • 3D modeling for additional sculpted elements on costumes
  • Graphic design of box covers, ads, logos and other marketing materials
  • Scripting of interactive menus and object effects using Second Life scripting language
  • For more about Chaospire see chaospire.com

Important note:   In these samples I have done the clothing textures and add-on meshes such as wings, capes, mask, belts, skirts etc. The base avatar mesh is by Linden Lab (SL’s developer), and the base skin textures and hair are by other SL artists.

Zoo Tycoon CompleteZoo Tycoon 2Zoo Tycoon 2 (2004)
Zoo Tycoon: The Complete Collection (2003)

Company: Blue Fang Games, LLC.
Role:  Senior 2D/3D Artist (full-time)

  • Environment terrain textures for all biomes (Zoo 2)
  • 3D low-poly modeling and texturing of in-game props and buildings (Zoo 2)
  • Concept art for buildings, objects, general style design, and environment design (Zoo 2)
  • 3D Modeling and texturing of rendered building sprites (for Complete Collection)

Mechwarrior 4: Black KnightPool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth DrannorMechwarrior 4: Black Knight Expansion (2001)
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor (2001)

Company: Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
Role:  Senior 2D/3D Artist – Animator (full-time)

  • Environment art / textures / heightmap creation for game maps (Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight).
  • 3D cinematic scene creation / animation / video editing (Pool of Radiance).

majesty_northernMajesty: The Fantasy Kingdom SimMajesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (2000)
Majesty: The Northern Expansion (2001)

Company: Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
Role:  Senior 2D/3D Artist – Animator (full-time)

  • 2D art for mission briefing screens, character portraits
  • modeling, texturing and animating for 3D rendered sprite units and buildings
  • 3D cinematic modeling / animation / video editing, storyboards & direction for opening cinematic.

Majesty Opening Cinematic: (requires Flash)
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Heroes of Might and Magic IIIHeroes of Might and Magic II: Price of LoyaltyHeroes of Might and Magic III (1999)
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty (Expansion) (1997)

Company: Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
Role:  Senior 2D/3D Artist – Animator (full-time)

  • Modeling, texturing and animating of 3D cinematic scenes.

Other Cyberlore Projects(1996-2001)
Projects that were eventually canceled.

Company: Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
Role:  Senior 2D/3D Artist – Animator (full-time)

  • Concept art for creatures, buildings and world design for three games (two sci-fi, one fantasy).
  • 3D cinematic scene creation / animation / video editing for sci-fi strategy game.

These are some concept art pieces from two of the sci-fi games:

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