This section features my illustration work, which has mostly been in the Role-Playing Games field. I’m currently working full-time as the staff artist at Fire Mountain Games.

Some of the books which feature my art:


Way of the Wicked (2011 – present)

This is some of the work I’ve done for the “Way of the Wicked” adventure path, as the staff artist at Fire Mountain Games. At FMG I’m doing all of the illustration, cartography, graphic design, layout frameworks and web design.

Other Tabletop RPG Book Illustrations: (2001 – 2011)

Publishers: Steve Jackson Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Atlas Games, FJ Gaming, Twilight Arts, About Time! Games.

Color Painted:

Grayscale Painted:

Pen and Ink / Pencil Drawing Style:

Fairy FanciesFairy Fancies (2006) – Paper Doll Figurine Box Set
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

  • All illustrations for paper doll, clothing pieces, book cover and interiors.

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